Manufaktura Tailoring Shop is a modern, perfectly oriented in current trends producer of womens-, mens-, and childswear. We offer services in sewing small sets of clothing, creating cut-outs, and designing prints on fabrics and t-shirts. We are proud that our products distinguish themselves by their highest quality. Each of our customers is met with an individual approach. We are at customers' disposal, always supporting them with our competent assistance. We cooperate with leading brands in fashion and trade industries as well as the private sector. Our customers have the possibility to choose form a wide array of hard-to-get tailoring accessories and luxurious fabrics stocked in our storerooms. Also, we sell unique textiles made in Europe and beyond. Our success has been achieved by hard work, commitment, and professional approach to tailoring. WHAT DOES LOW WORKLOAD MEAN? Manufaktura's workload is rather limited due to the workroom's little square metrage. Contrary to classic tailor's shops, we are excellent at producing clothes on a small scale. The main advantage to this situation is the highest quality of our products. It gives us also the possibility to show our talents in creating innovative and complicated designs. We are able to deliver individual customer service and to adapt each order to your differentiated needs. OUR AIMS Our goals are to create unique and exceptional designs as well as to deliver extensive customer service. Manufaktura's products are made of possibly the best fabrics available and beautiful tailoring accessories. We strive to continuously develop the brand through applying up-to-date tailoring techniques. Our aim is to gradually enlarge the group of Manufaktura's consumers as well as to reinforce our position in the industry. We are happy to cooperate with new contractors.


We specialize in tailoring dresses, jackets, skirts, coats, trousers, leggings, shirts, and t-shirts. To ensure the highest quality of our services, we collaborate with experienced fashion designers. It enables us to recreate complicated patterns basing on pictures and photographs. Due to high-tech equipment, we are prepared to take orders on designing prints, labeling, and creating cut-outs. Our portfolio includes producing costumes used in video shoots, fashion shows, commercials, as well as tailoring shop uniforms. We have an immense knowledge concerning sewing of leather garments. Our main advantage is, however, the quality of fabrics that are used in Manufaktura's workrooms: the best Polish knitwear, Italian leather, and hard-to-get tailoring accessories. Well-priced textiles of beyond European Union origin are available upon request.


Our offer is being constantly broadened thanks to the numerous investments in equipment along with the development of the material resources. In our workroom you can find high-tech sewing machines effective in processing nearly every sort of fabric and leather. Moreover, we are able to print patterns designed by us on both textiles and clothes. We can also produce satin side labels, adequate to certain types of fabrics, to make sure your clothing complies with European Union regulations.

Our employees are working with uncanny precision to ensure the highest quality of our products. Manufaktura Tailoring Shop hires skilled tailors and a garment technologist. We work in permanent collaboration with cutters of clothes and graphic designers. Our staff works in a fully-fitted workroom.