Etapy produkcji

1. How should a costume design be prepared?

Manufaktura Tailoring Shop cooperates with fashion designers, who are capable of creating project-based costumes in nearly every technique. We accept designs in form of drawings as well as  pictures, that include understandable and accurate descriptions. It is essential for our tailors to realize a customer's idea. Additionally, we tend to discuss and consult each design in order to create the ideal model.

2. Is it possible to apply alterations to a model that I own?

Yes, it is possible. It is a common situation when a customer brings ready-made clothes for us to remake. In such cases the customer needs to accurately describe alterations that are to be taken into consideration while creating the new design. It is necessary for us to ensure that the new design is going to meet with the customer's expectations. Then we are ready to present our offer.

3. What a template is? What a prototype is?

A template is a paper/cardboard form that  is used in tailoring craft to reproduce shapes. A prototype is the first model of a costume that has been created with the use of the template. The template and the prototype are the most valuable products excluding the design. Manufaktura Tailoring Shop always encloses the prototype to the final products.

4. How long does it take to tailor clothes and how is it done?

The process of production in Manufaktura Tailoring Shop endures about 3-4 weeks. However, the accurate timescale depends on the amount of models. The three stages of production include:  cutting, sewing, and trimming - the detail work.

5. Can I order labels?

Yes, you can. Manufaktura Tailoring Shop offers you side and satin labels that include information on the size, composition, producer as well as the instruction on how to conserve the product according to the European Union regulations. Labels featuring your logo are produced by our partners.

6. How do you pack your products?

To pack a finished product we use our own plastic bags or bags delivered by the customer. We offer patterned and blank bags.

7. Are my clothes going to be safe during the delivery?

Upon request, we are capable of organizing different types of delivery. Manufaktura's shipment web outreaches globally, it encompasses both Poland and other countries. We cooperate with couriers, shipping companies, and private transporters to ensure quick and smooth delivery.

8. Is it possible to alter ready-made templates that are available on Manufaktura's website?

Yes, it is possible. However, it entails an additional payment depending on the amount of alterations.

9. What is the minimal quantity of production?

The minimal quantity of production is 20 pieces a model, so that we can produce the minimum of 5 pieces per size .

10. Is it possible to get fabric samples?

Should you be interested in fabric samples we invite you to contact us via phone or email. Email message should include the name of the fabric, color, code, shipping address, and phone number. Test samples of plain fabrics are free, while lace samples are remitted. In order to obtain a lace sample you have to buy 0.1 m of the product. We do not ship samples of fabrics within the city of Białystok.